125 Year Old House

This home is 125 years old and in Saint Louis, P.E.I. There was a variety of insulation in the walls; some had nothing, some had seaweed and some had minimum fiberglass. The attic had no insulation, and the basement was concrete foundation. We insulated the walls with cellulose to R14, the attic with cellulose to R60 and R24 in the slopes. We studded the basement foundation walls and insulated with R20 fibreglass batt insulation and vapor barrier. This home is used as a summer home and the homeowners found it very warm.

Since we insulated, the homeowners are now enjoying the coolness of their home in the summer months and it is warm now in the cooler months of the spring and fall.
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Bed and Breakfast

The "Back in Thyme" Bed and Breakfast has a backyard that sits right next to a river in Sheet Harbour and was very cold in the winter. There was no insulation in the walls, minimum in the attic and a rock foundation basement.

The wall structure was rough 2x4 and therefore we insulated with cellulose to an R value of 16. The attic was upgraded with cellulose to R50 and the slopes to R24. We also added cellulose to various little nooks and crannies that contributed to air leakage as well. We studded the rock foundation and installed fiberglass R20 batt insulation and vapor barrier.
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Unique Home on the Water

This home was built many years and sits right near the water. The interior walls, floors and ceilings of the house was tongue and groove plank board. The exterior was shingles.

Due to the unique structure of the house, the cellulose was blown in from the exterior as well as the interior in order to get access to all areas of the home. The walls were upgraded with cellulose to R14, the attic was upgraded to R50, and the slopes to R32, and the floor area to a value of R32 plus.
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Heritage Church

The original church received heritage status and was moved to a lot and ready for the homeowners to renovate and make it their primary home. The structure contained no insulation and had a lot of cross bracing.

Cellulose was blown in the walls to upgrade to R24 because of the rough 2x6 lumber, the attic was upgraded to R50 and the slopes to R32 plus.
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