Uniacke Insulators is a small, family owned business that has been operating since 1995. We have chosen to remain small and keep our reputation and commitment to ensure quality and guaranteed workmanship.
We service mainland Nova Scotia.

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality and guaranteed workmanship and ensure that the results will benefit not only the homeowner but also our environment.

Mike and Joanne Zinck, the owners of Uniacke Insulators, have raised their business along with their four children. Their son, Clint, has been working alongside his dad since he was thirteen. He now brings his own strengths to the business, as well as the knowledge and experience received from his dad over the years. Their three daughters have also been on hand to occasionally respond to the customers calls with their pleasant and knowledgeable personalities.

We believe the family home is much more than just walls. It provides a safe haven, warmth, comfort and security to the family. It is our investment for our future. We provide the same quality to our customers’ homes that we would to our own. We use top quality materials: insulation, sealants, expansion foam, etc. We also use quality equipment including our blowing machine and hoses. At Uniacke Insulators, we take pride in what we do and often go the extra mile for our customers.

Mike has been in insulation for over thirty years. His knowledge of the construction industry is vast and expansive. Over the years, he has insulated new construction, heritage homes, and typical style homes, such as bungalows, split levels, and duplexes to name a few. He wears many hats in the business, sharing his time between being in the field installing insulation, providing estimates and time in the office.

Joanne is an International Staging & Redesign Professional (ISRP) and brings a love of construction to the business. She schedules the estimates and accompanies Mike as he is visiting the clients. Mike jokingly refers to the vehicle as an office on four wheels.