When you make an appointment for an estimate, you will meet Mike and Joanne, not a sales representative. We will visit your home and provide you with a quote at that time, answering any questions you may have and offering whatever expertise we have while we’re there. We have included a Resource section you may find helpful. We believe in working together for a common goal and are happy to pass on our resources to our customers.

Mike first installed insulation in 1976. His experience and knowledge is surpassed by few. His background with structures of older and new homes allows him to offer his customers solutions that are best for them based on cost, efficiency and lifestyle. He is confident, knowledgeable and guarantees the work.

Mike passes on the highest quality expectations and expertise to our employees through hands-on training and shares his time working alongside our crew, meeting customers and in the office. We are fortunate to have a great crew and get excellent feedback from our customers. We invite you to review a few of our projects in our Photo Gallery.

We have always used Weathershield cellulose insulation for walls and attics. It is the best insulation and use it in our own home.

For other areas such as basements, crawlspaces, and new construction, we use Fiberglass pink insulation.

Our blowing machine is sized for the proper capacity and volume of air pressure and material together. The diameter of the hose used to blow in cellulose is important and we use top quality hoses to ensure the correct volume and pressure. Along with the pressure and volume required to install the insulation, it is also important to know where to put the holes in the wall cavity to ensure complete coverage and our years of experience with older homes and new construction give us an advantage in knowing the structures of buildings. We pay close attention to cross bracing to ensure maximum coverage and therefore have a different process for each construction style.

Each house is visited to determine the best process for installing insulation in the walls. Wood shingles, vinyl and metal are removed in various ways. We take the time to explain this when we visit our customers to provide an estimate.

Further information can be found in our FAQ section.